Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple Season

It's APPLE SEASON here in New York State!

Soon, people will be heading to the orchards, to pick apples themselves ~
makes your mouth water just thinking of those fresh-picked apples made into pies and bread and eaten just as they are!

Knit this apple from Rhonda's Knitting Knonsense site ~ for a raffle prize for tomorrow - at our school we have Dress-Down-Fridays ~ you can *dress down* for the day, contribute $1, and the money goes to a local charity - and some of us provide small *prizes* that are won when your name is chosen from the tin. We are very happy with simple things - like a Snickers candybar - a plate of home-baked cookies - or, one of these knit dishcloths!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Knitting Needles

This week I received my 2010 Knitting Calendar! that is GREAT news for those of us in the Monthly KAL group ~ exciting to see the new patterns and ideas our group leaders were inspired to put together for our knitting pleasure!

I just finished this cloth - which was actually a freebie before the calendar went to press ~
*All Hearts Lead Home* ~ pattern created by Sue S., of Harvest Moon Designs. Thanks Sue!

My cloth was knit from P&C Shaded Browns - love the colors, makes me think of Autumn - rust, light/dark browns, beige...


Yesterday I finished up this purple *house* cloth, sending it to the couple who own and run the Emerson House - a Bed and Breakfast in Vergennes, Vermont - and this looks so much like their place! We stayed there this summer, while vacationing ~ a beautiful B&B, and lovely part of Vermont, near the mountains and close to the river, too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Circle Cloth

This is a Circle Cloth that I knit earlier this summer -
using the pattern which Marilyn linked us to [thru Rachel's KAL group] -

I used self-striping yearn -
this is a very easy pattern, and fun to make!

The other cloth is a Granny Square done in KNIT ! I always admired these and wanted to make some, but ........they were always crochet patterns.
~Now you can find this knit pattern at Harvest Moon Designs by Sue!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Hearts As One

This is the Hearts cloth I knit for my aunt/uncles' 60th Anniversary - deep purple.
The pattern is one from Leisure Arts booklet.

This photo doesn't do justice to the beauty of the pattern - again, it's a scan of a photo of the actual cloth, due to gifting it, I ran out of time.


My cow cloth - done in deep navy, pattern from Emily.

And every cow needs a home - this is a barn w/silo, done in a deep wine color. Pattern from Rhonda.

My uncle raises black angus now - years ago, they had a few dairy cows. Mostly their farm was raising chickens - they had the best eggs anywhere!

Again, sorry for the quality of the images - had to scan copies of the photos of the cloths I finished as these were gifts.

Square Dancing

This is another of the dishcloths I knit for my aunt and uncle - they spent many of those 60 years of marriage enjoying Square Dancing - this pattern was made by Mary T., of our Monthly Dishcloths group.

Sorry for the poor visual here - we changed computers while I was in the middle of doing all my knitting for this gift -
so, this is actually a scan of a picture of the cloth - it's awful hard to try to get a cloth knit, finished on time (well, I did get it done on time! I had a whole hour to spare before we left for the party!!), and wrapped!