Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feathers and Fans

This pattern works up so fast and is so easy, I've made a number of them for quick gifts this year.

It looks great in variegated yarns, and in self-striping too.


Have had this pattern for a while but hadn't done it -
decided to knit it in this self-striping yarn and like the look it gave.

- this is the Cheyenne pattern from a Monthly Dishcloth KAL earlier this year.

Another color--

I really like how this green/purple variegated worked up in this pattern!

Pastel cloth

I used the same Christmas Cloth pattern - and did it in pastel colors for a different look - used a variegated pink/mauve for top and bottom border rows - then white with speckled pastels for the body.
I like it - will be nice towards spring time.

Scottie Dog

I knit this cloth for my cousin, we've been researching our ancestry together, discovering that our roots go back to Scotland, so I thought this was perfect for her! [besides, I've always liked those little Scottie dogs and the plaid outfits they wear in children's books!]

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree Lot

Just finished knitting up this one -
used Lion Brand cotton yarn in Sage color ~

The pattern, Tree Lot Cloth, is from Knitwits Alley ~ check her site for fabulous patterns!

Today's a *freebie* for me: we have a *snow day* - No School today!
So I'm sitting cozy on my sofa enjoying a cup of Green Tea with honey and lemon,
while knitting !

Watching the birds out the window is my idea of fun in the snow!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twisted Yarn Version

Here's my latest cloth- done in Sugar and Cream's Yarn in Green Twists -
using this same Christmas Cloth pattern ~

I like it better now than when I first started it -
decided to switch from the twisted yarn and use plain white yarn for the rows where you pick up and do the *butterfly*, that seemed to set off the stitching so you can see it better.

Really love this pattern! Think I'll do some more for gifts, it's an easy pattern to follow, works up fast!
[see link, below, to get to the pattern]

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another color version -

Here's the same *Christmas Cloth* -
but this time I knit it in the variegated, P&C yarn "Victorian Christmas" color.

So- what do you think?
I like it!
I think the variegated yarn shows off the stitching very well !

Now, I'm knitting one with Sugar and Cream's "twisted" color yarn in green and white - hmmmm....not liking it much so far -
but I'll stick with it for a few more rows and let you know.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Butterfly Stitch

I just finished knitting up this little cloth! and I just love the pattern!

~ it is very easy to do - & knits up very fast - and while I'd never done this stitch before, it was simple to get the hang of it.
You slip five stitches on the rows, then after 4 rows, you pick those stitches up as a group and make the *butterfly*!
I think it looks cool !

For my cloth, I used sugar and cream Natural self-striping yarn which is deep red, green and beige - and the pattern called for a size 6, but I knit loose so I used a size 5, not knowing if that would be affected - but I think any size needle would do.

It is called the 'Christmas Cloth' - which I found in Knitting Pattern Central's lists -
and you can go to the pattern directly at: 'Ribbed For Your Pleasure.'

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wavy Feather Bookmark

This bookmark is a really easy pattern -

the hardest part was working with the mercerized cotton thread, because it's so thin
- especially since I'm used to knitting with 3 or 4-ply yarn lately!
~ so I used my bamboo needles, because the stitches kept falling off my aluminum ones.

The site states this was a pattern called Japanese Feather from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury, you can find it by clicking *here*.

Lacy Christmas Tree

Finished knitting this up yesterday, for a gift ~ wanted to post a pic. of it before wrapping it up - it is a large size, didn't all fit on my scanner for the photo - but you can get an idea of what it looks like ~
I knit mine in cotton, using a medium-sage green color.

I love this pattern - thank you, Janet! ~
visit the calendar page for Janet's pattern and a larger picture of her lovely lacy cloth.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Place Like Home

This is a lovely pattern by Sue from the 2010 Knitting Calendar ~
"There's No Place Like Home" [October]

I knit mine in a sage green cotton yarn ~
[I wish the photo showed it better tho]

~ for more of Sue's terrific patterns,
and to see all her fabulous knitting,
visit her site :
Harvest Moon Designs.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

two cloths

these are two cloths I just finished for our Friday Raffle at work ~
we have *dress-down day* and you pay a dollar, and some of us bring small items in so we draw names to win.

This is not a good picture at all! The top one is the circle cloth, from Andi's Monthly KAL group and the bottom one is the DW cloth by Rhonda at her site ~

I enjoyed making them - just wish they looked better here so you could enjoy them too!
The fallish-colors are perfect at this time of year ~


NOW !***Links are now included to the sites where you can find all the patterns!***

I've been knitting some of my little grand-daughter's favorite things
( *some* of them are her mommy's-my daughter's- favorite things!!
.......after all, Olivia is only 15 months old!!)

Don't have a digital camera to get a very good photo of each cloth -
just did them on my scanner -
but you can get an idea.
Will post the links to the patterns soon for you.

Hope to get a picture of the entire blanket before I wrap it up for Olivia ~

Garden Girl

Little Garden Girl
~pattern from Knits by Rachel~


~ pattern from Andi Worthy ~


"Seed Stitch Heart"
~ pattern Leisure Arts: Love to Knit Dishcloths by Evelyn A Clark ~


~ pattern by Rhonda White ~

Dougie the Doggy
~pattern by Rhonda White ~

Kisses & Hugs

"XXX's and OOO's"
~ pattern from Knits by Rachel ~


"Dolly the Dolphin"
~ pattern from Rhonda ~


"Eleanor the Elephant" ~ pattern from Rhonda White

~ pattern by Elaine Fitzpatrick ~

Monday, October 12, 2009


Knit up this Sewing Machine for my aunt,
who just purchased a new machine ~

You can find the pattern for this cool cloth at
Amy-Lynne's page ~

The Anchor of our Hope

Knit this cloth for a friend, whose son just joined the navy this summer
~from Sue's Harvest Moon ~

~ forgot to get a pic. of it before I gifted it, so this is actually the one shown as a sample on her page ~
I used a slightly bluer color in mine.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple Season

It's APPLE SEASON here in New York State!

Soon, people will be heading to the orchards, to pick apples themselves ~
makes your mouth water just thinking of those fresh-picked apples made into pies and bread and eaten just as they are!

Knit this apple from Rhonda's Knitting Knonsense site ~ for a raffle prize for tomorrow - at our school we have Dress-Down-Fridays ~ you can *dress down* for the day, contribute $1, and the money goes to a local charity - and some of us provide small *prizes* that are won when your name is chosen from the tin. We are very happy with simple things - like a Snickers candybar - a plate of home-baked cookies - or, one of these knit dishcloths!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Knitting Needles

This week I received my 2010 Knitting Calendar! that is GREAT news for those of us in the Monthly KAL group ~ exciting to see the new patterns and ideas our group leaders were inspired to put together for our knitting pleasure!

I just finished this cloth - which was actually a freebie before the calendar went to press ~
*All Hearts Lead Home* ~ pattern created by Sue S., of Harvest Moon Designs. Thanks Sue!

My cloth was knit from P&C Shaded Browns - love the colors, makes me think of Autumn - rust, light/dark browns, beige...


Yesterday I finished up this purple *house* cloth, sending it to the couple who own and run the Emerson House - a Bed and Breakfast in Vergennes, Vermont - and this looks so much like their place! We stayed there this summer, while vacationing ~ a beautiful B&B, and lovely part of Vermont, near the mountains and close to the river, too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Circle Cloth

This is a Circle Cloth that I knit earlier this summer -
using the pattern which Marilyn linked us to [thru Rachel's KAL group] -

I used self-striping yearn -
this is a very easy pattern, and fun to make!

The other cloth is a Granny Square done in KNIT ! I always admired these and wanted to make some, but ........they were always crochet patterns.
~Now you can find this knit pattern at Harvest Moon Designs by Sue!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Hearts As One

This is the Hearts cloth I knit for my aunt/uncles' 60th Anniversary - deep purple.
The pattern is one from Leisure Arts booklet.

This photo doesn't do justice to the beauty of the pattern - again, it's a scan of a photo of the actual cloth, due to gifting it, I ran out of time.


My cow cloth - done in deep navy, pattern from Emily.

And every cow needs a home - this is a barn w/silo, done in a deep wine color. Pattern from Rhonda.

My uncle raises black angus now - years ago, they had a few dairy cows. Mostly their farm was raising chickens - they had the best eggs anywhere!

Again, sorry for the quality of the images - had to scan copies of the photos of the cloths I finished as these were gifts.

Square Dancing

This is another of the dishcloths I knit for my aunt and uncle - they spent many of those 60 years of marriage enjoying Square Dancing - this pattern was made by Mary T., of our Monthly Dishcloths group.

Sorry for the poor visual here - we changed computers while I was in the middle of doing all my knitting for this gift -
so, this is actually a scan of a picture of the cloth - it's awful hard to try to get a cloth knit, finished on time (well, I did get it done on time! I had a whole hour to spare before we left for the party!!), and wrapped!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Save the Earth!

This is my finished *bonus* cloth for KAL from Monthly Dishcloths for August -

pattern compliments of Alli [from knitwitsalley]
~she contributed this as a bonus for our pre-Knitting Calendar for 2010 ~
talented woman, Alli ~

My cloth is knit in Cottonease, color is an avocado green [I lost track of the yarn wrap with color and info........when I find it, I'll repost with *official* color] ~

This cloth was fun to do - and the border was unique - in fact, I'm trying it on another cloth I just started.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More hassles with technology--

I'm once again experiencing technical difficulties -
please stand by...................

phooey : (
A scanner I borrowed from a friend is not doing what I need -
it's scanning and saving pictures/objects in such large sizes and I can't reduce them to a size that this site can handle.

Back to the drawing board......
hopefully........soon........I will get my cloths posted for you to see.

Rodney Rooster

Pattern by Rhonda at

I knit this up in a deep orange cotton.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Eggs !

In honor of ~

Gib and Ellie Chase
Well, I got this idea from :
Em's Knits: Em's easy Egg Cosies

I adapted her pattern/idea to my own ~
wanted to do something *fun* for my aunt and uncle who are having their 60th Anniversary - they ran a Poultry Farm for many years [Addison, Steuben Co., NY] - the party is tomorrow - and these *good eggs* will be there to celebrate on top of my bag of knit dishcloths that I've been knitting up this past week for them -

Below are the dishcloths I knit up for them ~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23rd -

Been without a computer/scanner/printer for almost two weeks - it's been crazy -
seems it's been very slow to get things back up and running -
when you are like me, and not real tech-savvy, having a computer crash is a big hurdle to get over and recover from!!

Just finished this "chickie" dishcloth - am working on a batch of cloths for my aunt and uncle's 60th Anniversary party next week! They had a poultry farm for many years - therefore, had to do at least one chick!
You can find the pattern for this cloth at Melissa's page:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Broomstick Lace!

~ Broomstick sample ~

Having trouble with my scanner and my computer - so I can't post my own work right now -
so am showing you a couple really lovely examples of others -

this one - you will find a lovely ladies' bag this woman made, using broomstick as a panel on the side -

[you can see it at her site by clicking on the sample above]

~ You can also find a step-by-step direction by clicking the pink square sample on the blog list along the sidebar

~ Here's what Wikipedia says:

Broomstick lace

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Broomstick lace is a historic crochet technique from the 1800s which is done using a crochet hook and another long slender item such as a knitting needle. It is also known as jiffy lace and peacock eye crochet. Traditionally a broomstick was used, hence the name, but the modern variant is a lightweight plastic knitting needle or smooth wooden craft dowel. A larger knitting needle or dowel will result in a lacier effect, while a smaller will provide a more closely woven effect. Because the fabric created is soft yet stable, it is well suited for clothing and blankets.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Growing UP!

My latest dishcloth - pattern compliments of Janet at our KAL Monthly Group!
Thanks, Janet!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Hats & Booties: Knit for Hospitals


Dishcloth Crazy! These are two of my favs -
have made a lot of the circle cloths - and hope to make more of the Granny square cloths soon.

Patterns -

Circle Cloth:
Monthly Dishcloths KAL group

Granny Square:
Harvest Moon Designs

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Preemie Hat

Found another preemie hat pattern this morning, so knit this one up -

"Mock Rib and Eyelet" -

you can find the pattern and info at:
The Preemie Project

Vine of Life

This is a design by Sue Schaefer -
Vine of Life, one of the Trust and Obey patterns.

It was a fun pattern to knit -
not difficult, but offered some stitches I don't ordinarily use.
I'm a bit disappointed because the stitching doesn't show up very well in this photo - I used a dark navy yarn.

Sue's work is awesome -
you can see all her wonderful patterns at her website -
Harvest Moon Designs

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Square Mitred Dishcloth

This was my goof-up!
One of my very favorite quick & easy dishcloth patterns is the Square-Mitre ~ and though I've done lots of them, for some reason - the other night, I goofed - and only did the increase rows, didn't allow for knitting an entire row in between! - so I was done in no time......well, I'm not eager to rip it all I improvised - and this is what I came up with !

What I did to *improvise* was to continue knitting - and would knit one row, then purl one row - so it looks as though it has a semi-border effect ~
Fortunately, those that I gift my knit dishcloths to are very un-crafty people, who think that no matter what you did with a ball of yarn, that it's wonderful !
So, this is just between you and me, okay?!

Who knows? Maybe I've created a new offshoot from this pattern!

You can get this fantastic-ly simple [as long as you aren't a goof-up like me!] pattern at:

Windmill pattern

I love this pattern! it is a little different from other *circle* dishcloths I've knit - but very easy, yet it looks really elegant [too often, people say, Oh!~I can't USE it - it's too pretty!] ~
- used Dalmation, a black/grey variegated yarn, Peaches and Cream
- pattern [shown in sample, knit with self-striping yarn & it's gorgeous!]:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Olivia Hat

I call this the "Olivia" hat, just because I knit it for my grand-daughter, Olivia!
I used the pattern on the knitting label - it was a Jacquard-self-striping,
gosh I love that stuff! makes it look like you worked hard to achieve all those different colors!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ripple Eyelet Baby Hat

This cute hat was designed by Bonnie Brann ~

It didn't take me long to knit it -
& I love the effect with the self-striping baby yarn!

Scallop Stitch Hat Variations

You can use various yarn colors and your imagination to change the pattern a bit -
In the white hat, instead of doing the ribbing I did a stockinette stitching [knit one row, purl one row] which made a rolling brim.

Scallop Stitch Baby Hat

Scallop Stitch Hat

This looks great in solids, variegated, or self-striping yarns.