Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Preemie Hat

Found another preemie hat pattern this morning, so knit this one up -

"Mock Rib and Eyelet" -

you can find the pattern and info at:
The Preemie Project

Vine of Life

This is a design by Sue Schaefer -
Vine of Life, one of the Trust and Obey patterns.

It was a fun pattern to knit -
not difficult, but offered some stitches I don't ordinarily use.
I'm a bit disappointed because the stitching doesn't show up very well in this photo - I used a dark navy yarn.

Sue's work is awesome -
you can see all her wonderful patterns at her website -
Harvest Moon Designs

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Square Mitred Dishcloth

This was my goof-up!
One of my very favorite quick & easy dishcloth patterns is the Square-Mitre ~ and though I've done lots of them, for some reason - the other night, I goofed - and only did the increase rows, didn't allow for knitting an entire row in between! - so I was done in no time......well, I'm not eager to rip it all I improvised - and this is what I came up with !

What I did to *improvise* was to continue knitting - and would knit one row, then purl one row - so it looks as though it has a semi-border effect ~
Fortunately, those that I gift my knit dishcloths to are very un-crafty people, who think that no matter what you did with a ball of yarn, that it's wonderful !
So, this is just between you and me, okay?!

Who knows? Maybe I've created a new offshoot from this pattern!

You can get this fantastic-ly simple [as long as you aren't a goof-up like me!] pattern at:

Windmill pattern

I love this pattern! it is a little different from other *circle* dishcloths I've knit - but very easy, yet it looks really elegant [too often, people say, Oh!~I can't USE it - it's too pretty!] ~
- used Dalmation, a black/grey variegated yarn, Peaches and Cream
- pattern [shown in sample, knit with self-striping yarn & it's gorgeous!]:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Olivia Hat

I call this the "Olivia" hat, just because I knit it for my grand-daughter, Olivia!
I used the pattern on the knitting label - it was a Jacquard-self-striping,
gosh I love that stuff! makes it look like you worked hard to achieve all those different colors!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ripple Eyelet Baby Hat

This cute hat was designed by Bonnie Brann ~

It didn't take me long to knit it -
& I love the effect with the self-striping baby yarn!

Scallop Stitch Hat Variations

You can use various yarn colors and your imagination to change the pattern a bit -
In the white hat, instead of doing the ribbing I did a stockinette stitching [knit one row, purl one row] which made a rolling brim.

Scallop Stitch Baby Hat

Scallop Stitch Hat

This looks great in solids, variegated, or self-striping yarns.