Saturday, October 15, 2016

Welcome to our ...
 October CHALLENGE KnitAlong !

Here's SPOOKY to introduce our next Challenge KAL!~

[SPOOKY aka Rosie!]

Hello fellow knitters  -

Dark Brown, 1 skein
White, partial skein

Size7 needles

= knit
= purl
= knit 2 together
1 = make 1 stitch: pick up horizontal loop lying before next stitch and knit
into back of loop
= Right Side
= Slip next 2 stitches knit-wise one at a time; pass them back onto left-hand needles;
knit through back loops together
= stitch


Day 1:

Brown, Cast on 3 st

1: [RS] Knit
2: K 1, P 1, K 1
3: K 1, M 1, K 1, M 1, K 1 = 5 st.
4: K 1, Purl across to last st, K 1
5: K 1, M 1, Knit to last st, M 1, K 1 = 7 st.
6: K 1, P to last st, K 1
7: K 1, M 1, Knit to last st, M 1, K 1 = 9 st
8: K 1, Purl to last st, K1
Rows 7 and 8, continuing until you have a total of 21 st.

Join White yarn

Using White Yarn, knit the following sequence 3 times [6 total rows]
-K 1, M 1, Knit to last st, M 1, K 1
-K 1, Purl to last st, K 1

You have a total of 27 sts now

Cut White Yarn
Re-join Brown yarn to knit:

- K 1, M 1, Knit to last st, M 1, K 1
- K 1, Purl to last st, K1

Repeat this sequence of 2 rows, until there are 39 stitches, ending with a Knit row

DAY 2:


Beginning with a Purl row, knit even [no increases] in stockinette stitch for 9 rows[Stockinette stitch:  Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row]


On the Purl rows, be certain to maintain the 'Knit first and last stitch' on the Purl rows!


[Right Side] SSK, knit to last 2 st., K 2 tog
[Wrong Side] K 1, P to last st., K 1

Repeat these 2 rows until 27 st remain

Join White Yarn and Knit as follows:

[RS]  SSK, knit to last 2 st., K 2 tog.

[WS]  K1, P to last st., K 1

Now repeat this 2-row sequence 3 times = 21 st remain


Here is my photo after Day 2...

Happy Knitting!

This is the link, if you want to go directly to the pattern, rather than wait for rows each day:

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Posy Dishcloth ~
 here's my cloth - I used rose and green sage...
 please take a photo of yours and post at your group yahoo album!

       Hope you enjoyed the Challenge!
~ This pattern is from Lily ‘Sugar’n Cream’ yarn website


Saturday, July 30, 2016

August 1st KAL

You have made Bubbles, a little fish to help with your dishes at the sink!

Hope everyone has enjoyed this KAL - please, check the link below to see the other version of Bubbles. 

Thank you so very much to Susan Mrenna -
For more variations of Bubbles, including Bubbles with a Fin, visit her designer's page at:

Bubbles is a very versatile little fish.
He can be a Baby Wash Cloth, a Scrubbie, a Dishcloth, a washcloth, a cat toy and more.
Bubbles may be made using any yarn that suits your intended purpose. Solids and
varigated yarns both work well. Use scraps and make an exotic tropical fish. Use cotton
for dish and wash cloths and acrylic or cotton for scrubbies.
Bubbles is easily adapted to many sizes by working more or fewer body rows. The mouth
and tail are the same in all sizes.
Copyright © by Susan Mrenna 2008 Knit A Little



hi fellow knitters!  ~ This is my new puppy, Rosie...

She is here to meet and greet you
   as we get ready to begin our August 1st KAL -

thank you Janet for giving me the opportunity to host this knitalong -


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Terry's Mosaic Chevron Pattern
- I chose to use green and white for my dishcloth - what colors did you use?

hi fellow knitters -
  Here are your last day of rows!

I really hope that you have enjoyed this design - I thought it was a lovely cloth -
and you could adapt it to make an afghan even-*chevron patterns* are popular now - it could make for a nice little baby blanket.
Thank you so much to our designer, Terry Liann Morris ~you can find more of her designs at Ravelry, 
and at her own site, see the end of this pattern for that info.

  Let's not forget to keep Janet in our thoughts and prayers for recuperating - we all know that can often be harder on us than the surgery!  Take care, Janet - Get Well Soon, we are eager to see you back in our next KAL  : )
Thank you for letting me host this KAL -
I've enjoyed introducing Mosaic Knitting to some of our knitters ~

    A huge thank you to designer, Terry Liann Morris ~
You can find more of her designs, mosaic and others, at, and at her site:


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

hi Fellow knitters -
  we begin our next KAL on Friday, 4/1 -
I am going to tell you what we are knitting this time, just because it may be something some of you have not knit before - it is called Mosaic Knitting.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Have a Happy Easter!
~ Bunny Lassie ~

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Starburst, pattern by Dione - I used self-striping yarns for my cloth

The name of this cloth is 'Starburst' - designed by Dione.  You can see and get more of her wonderful patterns at her site, Sew-Funky ~ [link, below, at finish of pattern rows]
~  Thank you so much for letting us share this pattern, Dione!

For this pattern and lots more delectable and irresistable patterns by this artist, go to her site:

Monday, December 8, 2014

December KAL: Poinsettia

My finished version of our December 1st KAL:   Poinsettia
Mine will be used as a square within a blanket, so I knit it with acrylic worsted, Vanna White's yarn.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

And it snows some more --

Some views as seen from our yard -
we live east of Buffalo ~
at least four feet of snow with a couple feet on our roof ~
Anyone got a shovel??!!