Thursday, October 11, 2012

October KAL: Autumn Quilt

Designed by Sue from Harvest Moon, this was a lovely dishcloth to knit ~
I used green sage/P&C/cotton yarn for mine ~

Saturday, September 8, 2012

 Our first KAL for September was designed by our group *leader* - Janet.
Thank you for another awesome pattern!
  I was asked to conduct the daily emails - it was fun!  I loved the mystery of giving just a few rows each day - and wondering what others thought it would turn out to be!
Janet is a genius with a knitting needle!
Her cloth is called, Vines 'N Stripes - I did mine in a deep lavender color:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Waves of Lace

Variegated yarn: P&C Baby Pastels Ombre

Waves of Lace

~ knit in 'Summer Prints'

Various yarns used for April KAL

Which do you like best?!

April Waves of Lace

April's mid-month dishcloths for our KAL:
I did several versions -
a couple solid colors, then a variegated yarn.

Love this pattern, from Alli's work, always a special treat
[be sure to check all her work at her site, click here!

Monday, February 20, 2012

February KALs

The mid-month dishcloth pattern was "In Celebration" ~

It depicts a field of flowers. [I think the *flowers* also look like mini-hearts!]
I used Bernat self-striping yarn, 'Pinky Stripes' ~

The cloth was designed by Janet and is
'dedicated to all the survivors who have had small as well as large successes in their lives in regards to Breast Cancer.'

This one is Linen Stitch
~ our first of the month
dishcloth ~

it looks delicate here, due to the pastel color,
I used the fabulous P&C Baby Ombre

- but it's a nice, closely-woven stitch,
will make a good kitchen cloth.