Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jingle Bells !

Just finished knitting this cloth :
*Jingle Bell Dishcloth* -
pattern by Sue of Harvest Moon Designs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trees in Yarn

Ya gotta love trees!

Did this dishcloth from a section of the Trees of Life afghan pattern - you can get the pattern at Lion Brand Yarn.

Knit this in acrylic yarn, as it was was for my aunt who wasn't going to use it as a dishcloth or hotpad. [ Besides, I couldn't find a yarn color I wanted in cotton yarns.]

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This cloth has various names - Circle Cloth/Hexagon Cloth ~
To me it looks like Honeycomb, so that's what I call it!

It was a KAL in our group a while ago.

I knit this one in Licorice, and it showed off the colors very well ~

*Daryl Waltrip* ~

this pattern brings out all the colors of variegated yarns! Love it!

pattern by Rhonda[click here]
at KnittingKnonsense ~

Harvest Moon Designs

I absolutely love these Harvest Moon Designs!
She creates such unique patterns ~
The one at left is named, Chantilly ~
I knit mine in lilac cotton yarn ~
It's lacy border makes it so attractive.

On the right, this is Beauty Beneath the Deep Blue Sea ~ I used a pink/white/lilac variegated cotton yarn.

Marshmallow - This is one of the cloths in the Harvest Moon Sunrise Kitchen Set ~

Ring the Bells of Heaven is the name of this cloth ~
I've also knit it in shades of blue, and it was lovely - didn't get a picture of it that time. This one was done in variegated spice colors.

Flickering Flames

This is a really nice pattern - from Maile Mauch.

She is a genius at creating patterns !

click here to check out some of her many patterns:
Keeping You In Stitches

[the only problem will be that you'll wonder which one to start with! Happy Knitting!]

I used peaches and cream yarn in red.

2-Needle Socks!

My first-ever pair of socks!

I knit these for my grand-daughter - have NEVER knit socks before!
But this pattern was so easy!

It's called *2 Needle Kid's Socks*
I used Bernat Cotton yarn, nice and soft for her little 2-year-old tootsies!

You can check out the pattern by clicking here to get to the Crazy Kiwis.

Crochet-Thread Dishcloth

My mom says this works great !
[Hard to believe that thread so thin can be a super scrubbing dishcloth!]
I used a blue and a pink, 2 threads held together ~

To see this simple pattern that I used, click here: "Not Your Ordinary Knitted Dishcloth"

Friday, July 2, 2010

Grand-daughter On My Mind

I'm creating a *new* blog page -
with things I've done for my grand-girl ~
she turned 2 years old yesterday!

Come visit by clicking here!

This is one of Rhonda's Daryl Waltrip patterns -
I knit it in RedWhiteBlue striping yarn, for this weekend, the 4th of July!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tulip Dishrag

I fell in love with this cloth the moment I saw the pattern!

It works up easily - and would be beautiful in any spring color!

Think Spring! ~

Get her pattern by clicking here!

Cloth and Soap Sleeve

I absolutely LOVED doing this pattern!

You can make the dishcloth with a matching 'sleeve' to put over a bottle of lotion or handsoap!

This pattern works up to make for a woven-type look to the cloth ~ very pretty.

You can see the set with the soap sleeve also at here at her site.

It really dresses up a soap bottle! Great for a gift idea!

Foaming Waves

For this cloth, I used Foaming Waves Dishcloth by Nettie Knits Designs

It works up to a nice lacy design -
and she gives a hint to keep your sides nice-looking:
Knit to the last stitch; bring yarn to front.....

check her website here to do this fantastic edging!

Mother's Day

Knit up this cloth to go in a gift basket for our church auction - with Mother's Day coming up next month, I thought it would be a good choice.
"I Love Mom"

You can find her pattern here.


These are two simply-knit diagonal cloths - the variegated colors are what makes them stand out a bit more than a solid/plain color.


I can't remember right now what the pattern is for this one! But I love these colors !!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Voila !

Voila! is a new *favorite* pattern I recently tried -
it is one from Sue Schaefer's Harvest Moon designs
[check her site for fabulous patterns] ~

I love how thick this turns out -
perfect for a pretty hot-pad on the kitchen table.

Very easy to do, works up fast, too.

The Merry Month of March ~

well, on the calendar, at least!!!
Snow IS rapidly melting - finally -but lots of cold wind and rain are coming at us this weekend.

This shows a picture of my favorite cuddle-up throw, Let it Snow!
[you'd think I love snow -but I don't - only the snowflakes and snowmen that are in pictures!!]
Lass is sitting with her friend, Eleanor the Elephant [my aunt had her made for me, sewn together from old sweaters, by an industrious young lady she knows! pretty cool, eh?!!]

Friday, February 26, 2010

Twin Trees

I finished my version of the Twin Trees pattern ~
this was one of my cable *events* for the Olympic Knitting ~

I am SO excited to have completed it! and just in time for the closing ceremonies, too!

I also knit the Owl Dishcloth [see below]

I used the *trees* section from the Twin Trees Afghan pattern -
at LionBrandYarnOnline -
so this was my 'rough draft' of sorts ~
Next time I knit it, I'll include a border on the sides and top/bottom.

I used yarn that I had on hand, not sure if I would really finish it - didn't want to buy a special skein for a trial run on this pattern - I think this is called 'potpourri' -
but I like it, it looks like fall to me, my favorite season, with the falling different colored leaves !

The other big project [big, for me that is! having never taken on cables in knitting!]
was this cloth from Danielle's wonderful Dishcloth Corner.
This one was called Grandma - and it was a bit of a challenge, but I enjoyed it ~

I'm just so pleased that I tackled these cables and finished without giving up!
Cables just aren't that difficult - and I've come to really enjoy doing them -
so, now I'm onto more cable cloths and other projects !

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lacy Vines Cloth ~ Feb '10

I finished my Feb. mid-month cloth tonight ~
it's a lovely pattern, and many thanks to Janet for once again for her talented design!
I knit mine in a light blue, with Cotton-ease yarn [LionBrand] ~
I like it so much, I may even keep this one for myself !!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Turquoise Stalactites

This pattern is from one of my very favorite designers:
Sue ~ of Harvest Moon[click here to visit her site].

It's a fast-knit, and has the look of the feather-and-fan styles.

Ribbons 'n Lace

This is a pattern by Janet - famous lady of the KAL Calendar ~
It was in the 2009 Calendar for August -

I knit mine in this self-striping yarn - gotta love that stuff !
-always makes each cloth look so different!

I loved this pattern as I enjoy doing lace knitting - AND.... it has cables in it! This is just the second item I've ever knit with cables! and it was so much fun!
Now I'm on a mission to find and knit a lot more cables!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's There?!

Owl Seed Dishcloth:
I did it!

This was my first "Cable" cloth!
I had accepted the Olympic Knitting Challenge, and my *event* is doing cloths with cables ~

I 'm so excited about accomplishing this task -
tho it was a very small start -
now, I'm ready to advance to the next project!

For Rebecca

This pattern is called "For Rebecca" and designed by the one and only, Sue S from Harvest Moon ~

- you can purchase this one and many other of her fabulous patterns at her Harvest Moon site by clicking here to visit her.

I used Sugar 'n Cream's Butter Cream Ombre for this one that I knit.

Heart Lace

This heart lace cloth works up nicely in solids or variegated.

I made many of these for Valentines in various colors - pink variegated, shown - also, solid red, one in white with red border, etc.

See this site for the pattern and enjoy!

A Friend Up North

This Polar Bear is the design of Sue from Harvest Moon ~
Visit her site for more patterns.

~ she has such unique patterns and does beautiful knitting.


Illusion Snowflake Cloth

Valentine Candy Box

This is from the 2008 KAL for February -
I did mine in purple, using Cottonease yarn.

Heartfelt Cloth

Lace Heart

This pattern is from a Leisure Arts booklet ~

I knit it for my grand-daughter for Valentine's Day - using Cotton Tots yarn, oh-so-soft!

Beth Won-Heart of My Hearts

This washcloth is the creation of Janet Nogle and was the March design in our KAL's 2010 calendar.

For more info on the pattern, you can *click here *

I knit mine in blue; it was an easy, but interesting pattern to work with!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Twisted Cable Rib cloth

This cloth pattern was fun to do -
its designer is Alli Barrett

This was also in last year's calendar [see, below] ~

As always, with any of Alli's patterns, it's lovely ~
see soooo many of her wonderful creations at her webpage by clicking here !

My Vintage Christmas Tree

I'm way behind in posting my knitting!

I call this my Vintage Christmas Tree -
because when I was little, my mother had a small pink Christmas tree, only about a foot tall, with feathery pink branches ~
and when I saw this cute little tree, I wanted to make it in pink!

This cloth was designed by Janet Nogle, and her pattern was in the 2009 Back to Basics Calendar ~
for further info about the calendar, you can check the website she created for it here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Icicles !

What's on your needles today?

I'm working on the Monthly dishcloth mid-month KAL ~

yesterday I finished this Winter Icicles cloth designed by Linda Smith-click here to get the pattern and info.
The original cloth was done in red and white, I used blue and white, I think of snow/ice/winter and think of the color blue.