Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feathers and Fans

This pattern works up so fast and is so easy, I've made a number of them for quick gifts this year.

It looks great in variegated yarns, and in self-striping too.


Have had this pattern for a while but hadn't done it -
decided to knit it in this self-striping yarn and like the look it gave.

- this is the Cheyenne pattern from a Monthly Dishcloth KAL earlier this year.

Another color--

I really like how this green/purple variegated worked up in this pattern!

Pastel cloth

I used the same Christmas Cloth pattern - and did it in pastel colors for a different look - used a variegated pink/mauve for top and bottom border rows - then white with speckled pastels for the body.
I like it - will be nice towards spring time.

Scottie Dog

I knit this cloth for my cousin, we've been researching our ancestry together, discovering that our roots go back to Scotland, so I thought this was perfect for her! [besides, I've always liked those little Scottie dogs and the plaid outfits they wear in children's books!]

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree Lot

Just finished knitting up this one -
used Lion Brand cotton yarn in Sage color ~

The pattern, Tree Lot Cloth, is from Knitwits Alley ~ check her site for fabulous patterns!

Today's a *freebie* for me: we have a *snow day* - No School today!
So I'm sitting cozy on my sofa enjoying a cup of Green Tea with honey and lemon,
while knitting !

Watching the birds out the window is my idea of fun in the snow!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twisted Yarn Version

Here's my latest cloth- done in Sugar and Cream's Yarn in Green Twists -
using this same Christmas Cloth pattern ~

I like it better now than when I first started it -
decided to switch from the twisted yarn and use plain white yarn for the rows where you pick up and do the *butterfly*, that seemed to set off the stitching so you can see it better.

Really love this pattern! Think I'll do some more for gifts, it's an easy pattern to follow, works up fast!
[see link, below, to get to the pattern]

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another color version -

Here's the same *Christmas Cloth* -
but this time I knit it in the variegated, P&C yarn "Victorian Christmas" color.

So- what do you think?
I like it!
I think the variegated yarn shows off the stitching very well !

Now, I'm knitting one with Sugar and Cream's "twisted" color yarn in green and white - hmmmm....not liking it much so far -
but I'll stick with it for a few more rows and let you know.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Butterfly Stitch

I just finished knitting up this little cloth! and I just love the pattern!

~ it is very easy to do - & knits up very fast - and while I'd never done this stitch before, it was simple to get the hang of it.
You slip five stitches on the rows, then after 4 rows, you pick those stitches up as a group and make the *butterfly*!
I think it looks cool !

For my cloth, I used sugar and cream Natural self-striping yarn which is deep red, green and beige - and the pattern called for a size 6, but I knit loose so I used a size 5, not knowing if that would be affected - but I think any size needle would do.

It is called the 'Christmas Cloth' - which I found in Knitting Pattern Central's lists -
and you can go to the pattern directly at: 'Ribbed For Your Pleasure.'