Friday, December 4, 2009

Butterfly Stitch

I just finished knitting up this little cloth! and I just love the pattern!

~ it is very easy to do - & knits up very fast - and while I'd never done this stitch before, it was simple to get the hang of it.
You slip five stitches on the rows, then after 4 rows, you pick those stitches up as a group and make the *butterfly*!
I think it looks cool !

For my cloth, I used sugar and cream Natural self-striping yarn which is deep red, green and beige - and the pattern called for a size 6, but I knit loose so I used a size 5, not knowing if that would be affected - but I think any size needle would do.

It is called the 'Christmas Cloth' - which I found in Knitting Pattern Central's lists -
and you can go to the pattern directly at: 'Ribbed For Your Pleasure.'

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  1. Thank you so much Linda! Love the way yours turned out, very pretty! I appreciate you sharing the link as well as letting us know your opinion of the pattern. It really helps in the decision of which patterns to start up, especially at this time of year. Knowing it's a fast & easy knit, I will definitely work up some as gifts!

    Thanks again!
    Anita, a Knitting Junkie!