Friday, February 26, 2010

Twin Trees

I finished my version of the Twin Trees pattern ~
this was one of my cable *events* for the Olympic Knitting ~

I am SO excited to have completed it! and just in time for the closing ceremonies, too!

I also knit the Owl Dishcloth [see below]

I used the *trees* section from the Twin Trees Afghan pattern -
at LionBrandYarnOnline -
so this was my 'rough draft' of sorts ~
Next time I knit it, I'll include a border on the sides and top/bottom.

I used yarn that I had on hand, not sure if I would really finish it - didn't want to buy a special skein for a trial run on this pattern - I think this is called 'potpourri' -
but I like it, it looks like fall to me, my favorite season, with the falling different colored leaves !

The other big project [big, for me that is! having never taken on cables in knitting!]
was this cloth from Danielle's wonderful Dishcloth Corner.
This one was called Grandma - and it was a bit of a challenge, but I enjoyed it ~

I'm just so pleased that I tackled these cables and finished without giving up!
Cables just aren't that difficult - and I've come to really enjoy doing them -
so, now I'm onto more cable cloths and other projects !

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