Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Terry's Mosaic Chevron Pattern
- I chose to use green and white for my dishcloth - what colors did you use?

hi fellow knitters -
  Here are your last day of rows!

I really hope that you have enjoyed this design - I thought it was a lovely cloth -
and you could adapt it to make an afghan even-*chevron patterns* are popular now - it could make for a nice little baby blanket.
Thank you so much to our designer, Terry Liann Morris ~you can find more of her designs at Ravelry, 
and at her own site, see the end of this pattern for that info.

  Let's not forget to keep Janet in our thoughts and prayers for recuperating - we all know that can often be harder on us than the surgery!  Take care, Janet - Get Well Soon, we are eager to see you back in our next KAL  : )
Thank you for letting me host this KAL -
I've enjoyed introducing Mosaic Knitting to some of our knitters ~
 Linda  myknittingfavs.blogspot.com

    A huge thank you to designer, Terry Liann Morris ~
You can find more of her designs, mosaic and others, at Ravelry.com, and at her site:


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