Friday, December 16, 2016

Lassie 2005 ~ 2016

Wild Irish Rose ~ *Rosie*

Now that you have Day 1 accomplished, the rest of the knit is the same pattern!
- the only difference is that you will change colors after each set of five *rows* -
  Then you cast off and coil your cord up and sew together!

I am going to give you the link today, in case what I've said is clear as mud...
Enjoy your new Peppermint Coaster!

  Find the entire pattern -and also a pattern for making one with a Knitting Spool [what a great  project for your kids or grandkids to do!] at their site, below [and I dare anyone to go there and just knit this pattern--there are sooo many that you are going to find that you *just gotta knit*!!!]

 Check out my own coaster in our yahoo albums, too!  Merry Christmas fellow knitters!  ~ Linda

  Peppermint coaster -

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